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In January, M. Lauren and Jas bought 4 week Groupons for Fit Body Boot Camp. Together, they decided to try some of the various boot camp classes, take their eating habits to the next level and prepare for a summer trip to Toronto.

Two weeks into the Groupon, they each decided to extend their membership at FBBC for six months. Over the course of the last two months they have tried all of the classes offered, skipped more classes than they attended (mostly M. Lauren) and pigged out almost every weekend on all the snacks!

But, last week, after some inner reflection and peer pressure, they both decided to step it up!!

Catch them on MMR! each week as they detail their individual and collective journey towards fitness and health.

What are your current fitness goals?

M. Lauren: I want to look good in clothes and naked, whether anyone sees me or not. I really want to build healthy habits so that fitness isn’t a goal but a lifestyle for me. I really love snacks, so one of my goals is to eat much healthier on a regular basis, not just for a couple of days at a time.

Jas: I want to burn a lot of body fat. I am usually between 32 and 33 percent would like to get down to and maintain 27 percent. Being in the military my maximum weight that i am allowed to weight is 176 lbs so i would also like to exceed that standard and weigh 170lbs.

What do you think will be your biggest struggle?

M. Lauren: I am supremely lazy. My number one hobby is watching Netflix. I would rather eat snacks and watch reruns of The Office than go to the gym. Time will also be a struggle so, that, combined with my sloth-like nature will challenge me.

Jas: Well for me time is an issue because I recently got involved in so many projects, so I have to dedicate myself to waking up early and getting to the gym in the morning. If i wait until the after noon I am sure to skip. Also I like foods that dont like me back.

What do you expect to be your biggest accomplishment?

M. Lauren: To achieve my fitness goals, finally. This boot camp is literally the hardest workout I’ve ever purposefully involved myself in and I have done some pretty intense workouts (including, Insanity). With consistency I hope to be stronger, more fit and keep the areas in tact that I love while shaping up some of those that I don’t like as much.

Jas: I am not entirely sure. For me I just want to hit my markers, and then exceed the standards I have set for myself and maintain a healthy life style.

What is your fitness motto?

M. Lauren:

“Glitter and booty shorts.”

I told my friends that the only thing I was wearing on our summer trip would be glitter and booty shorts and while I didn’t mean it literally (mostly because I have no idea how I would obtain that much glitter), I do intend to be fit enough to wear whatever I want, when the mood strikes.


“Do it for the monokini!”

When I was deployed to Afghanistan my workout partner was obsessed with monokinis and obsessed with getting her body into one of them and looking amazing. So that became our mantra. It has stuck with me ever since.