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The Jasmine’s record their first week of the fitness journey. For one Jasmine, the journey was a struggle and then a fail. For the other Jasmine, things seemed to go pretty well. Can you guess who did well this week!?!?! Do you have any tips, tricks or motivation for either Jasmine!? Leave something in the comments for us!


M. Lauren: My plan was to meal prep last night and then get up this morning and go to the gym. But, life got in the way. I had an event last night and I was exhausted yesterday so I’ll do my meal prep tonight! I did have the chance to make lunch though! I went to bed super early (like 930pm) but I didn’t fall right asleep and I woke up a couple of hours later. I tossed and turned all night long. So, the time that I should’ve been getting up to go to the gym, I was falling back asleep. I would’ve been no good at the gym or work had I done both, so I had to pick one.

My aunt told me about a Cherry-Vanilla smoothie that helped her fall and stay asleep. I am going to try it this week to see if it helps me. Tart cherry juice is said to contain melatonin, which is a supplement I’ve taken in the past, so hopefully the smoothie will do me some good. I am sick and tired of always being tired.

I sort of skipped breakfast but not on purpose, I got to work and started working and never took time out to go make my oatmeal. So, I have to start prepping breakfast early. Everything requires me waking up earlier and earlier and I am not about that life! #prayforme

Anywho, I am going to meal prep tonight and try to get some good rest so that I can get to the gym for boot camp in the morning!

Jas: Today I felt motivated to start this thing strong. I am on day 2 of 2 of a juice cleanse and I ate healthy all day yesterday. This morning I went to a 7 am HIIT class at the gym and I felt great (because of my fitness supplements giving me amazing energy) so my usual struggle wasn’t so bad. I had a healthy after breakfast meal so I felt good about that too. I need to meal prep. Meal prep keeps me on track and its very affordable. If I go out and buy food I am not going to buy healthy food or know how it was prepared and I am going to spend a lot of money. I am also starting a food journal for personal accountability. I am really honest with it and I don’t want to have to report that I ate the soft batch chocolate chip cookies that having been staring me down in the break room all morning. So I won’t eat it. Its just another form of motivation. Hopefully I keep this up. I know it gets easier with time and this is day one.


M. Lauren: Today was a much better day! I was able to do my meal prep and try the cherry-vanilla smoothie last night. The tart cherry juice put me right to sleep! I slept all night! I went to the cardio abs class this morning and my eating was on point!! I had time to pack multiple breakfasts and lunches (lol) before work so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat something sweet and calorie wasting. I had brussel sprouts, they’re terrible. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself, smh! Other than that, I have no complaints.I am now setting my alarm for 4:30 am everyday so that I can get into the habit of getting up whether I’m going to the gym or not. This is going to be a hell of a challenge. I hate mornings! Oh well, I’ll just have to thug it out until I get used to it.

Jas: I finally meal prepped. YAY ME! Seriously though, meal prep works for me like a dream. My issue is when I get hungry I lose all common sense and I go for the tastiest option. Usually it isn’t the best one though. If I meal prep I won’t waste the food I made, I make it tasty, and it’s always there for me. So I won’t cheat myself with snacks. I am happy. However I already forgot to use my food journal.


M. Lauren: My focus for the middle of this week is healthy eating. I didn’t eat breakfast until almost 10am which is a super fail for me because I wake up somewhere in the 6’o’clock hour. I had a banana and a salad! Yet again, I see the effects of failing to wake up early enough to eat breakfast at home. I guess I’ll have to add this to my list of things to improve upon. I also did not eat dinner last night. I had coffee cake around 5pm and I never ate after that. I need to stop skipping meals as well.

I am also thinking of a coffee alternative. I LOVE coffee but I really can’t handle all the caffeine. I also love tea but in the morning, I don’t want to drink green tea.

I am beginning to realize how boring it is talking about kale and calories all day. I want to nosh ice cream and cinnamon rolls but I don’t have any.

Ooh! I have cake, though!! Jesus be a fence.

Jas: Today’s workout was HARD!!! I did a HIIT workout and boy let me tell you that is a hard 30 minutes to complete. I’m telling you guys check out Fit Body Boot Camp in Beachwood! it is seriously worth the money, drive, and effort. I ate well. I made a green smoothie for breakfast. I love them. They fill me up and are packed with the stuff I need. I ate well too. I am hoping to lose a few pounds by the end of next week.


M. Lauren: I ate cake. A lot of cake. And a lot of other sugary snacks. I also was too sleepy to go to the gym. I see this all going downhill fast!

Jas: Today’s workout was the hardest workout I have ever done since starting Fit Body Boot Camp. I did a 45 minute cardio abs session taught by Travis. I did not expect for it to be such a challenge. Even though its cardio and abs you get a full body workout. I accidentally missed breakfast so that probably added to the difficulty. I demolished a banana after wards in the car and went home and ate immediately. Another thing I have been doing is committing myself to only drinking water. I even cut out coffee and wine (pray for me saints). I put lemon and lime slices in it because I hear its good for detoxing. Its tasty. I fell really good and hydrated. I lost like 3 pounds so I feel on top of the world. (also I am jealous M.L. had cake today)


M. Lauren: I had more cake. I had more sugar. I didn’t work out. I decided to spend 4 hours after work at Starbucks where I had my fave: caramel macchiato. It was great. There were some cute guys at Starbucks too… just a sidenote. I knew after Thursday it was all going downhill and I was right… But I started each day off right with healthy breakfasts and lunches. Only to go rogue after one taste of sweetness. I might have an addiction.

Jas: Today I had drill (Army stuff) so I didn’t get to work out. I am proud though, that I didn’t go out to lunch with my soldiers and I ate the meal I brought with me instead. I didn’t want to. I would have loved to go out to eat but afterward I had no feelings of guilt for cheating which totally made up for it. I am hoping to have time for the gym tomorrow after we get off.


M. Lauren: Listen… I woke up and enjoyed a green smoothie. I mean, it was chock full of spinach and kale. I felt good about myself. I snacked on blueberries. I was living the good and healthy life. But then, I went to Chick-Fil-A. Jesus be a fence around my tastebuds. I LOVE Chick-Fil-A. It was so delicious. And I eat it in the worst way… I love mayo on my fries. But, at least I got the light mayo, right? Anyway, Saturday was my brother’s baby shower so I went to celebrate the forthcoming life of my new niece. It was at Applebee’s. Everything was fried. I had cassada cake. That’s my favorite cake. I am still thinking about that cake. I love cake. Oh.. then I went and got Thai food. So, basically, my eating was terrible. But, delicious!

Jas: I got to go to the gym!!!! I ran (which I suck at) and almost died. So I am adding in at least 4 days of running a week. I really don’t care to but the military makes me run two miles for time and I can’t afford to fail that test. So run it is. I did have a small cheat meal. I had a turkey burger and fries at Bar Louie. It was so good y’all. I inhaled that thing in less than 10 seconds. I still only drank water though so yay for not drinking alcohol.


M. Lauren: I slept A LOT. I must’ve needed to catch up on sleep because I slept off and on for most of the day which means that I ate next to nothing. And by nothing I mean four banana bread muffins. Why are they so good?! Why do I love banana bread!? So, I ate those and a sandwich with a bunch of chips. And then I had Brio, my fave. I have a lot of favorites. All this to say, I started off good and I ended horribly.

Lessons I learned this week: 1. Preparation is everything. If I don’t prepare beforehand, I’ll eat like crap. 2. Sacrifices must be made for the glitter and booty shorts. I’m going to have to get up earlier to workout and stop skipping so often.

Jas: So this morning I went to breakfast and I did so good. I got egg whites, turkey sausage, and multi grain pancakes (i didn’t even finish them because I was like I don’t need these carbs these carbs need me). So go me for that small victory. I ate healthy the rest of the day but because I was driving back to Cleveland I missed the gym. I will be back tomorrow and I am looking forward to next week’s workouts. I am seeing progress in my body. So I am motivated to keep this thing going.