About My Melanin Rocks!

What is My Melanin Rocks!?
As a Black woman living in America, I often feel unrepresented, underrepresented or misrepresented. The search to find images and representations of myself in mainstream media often comes up short. Of course I have flipped through the pages of magazines, scrolled through websites, watched television and movies aimed at the empowerment and upliftment of Black folks and these all give me a great sense of pride. But, I felt like I had something to add as well. I wanted to see nothing but positivity. I wanted to create a community where women can go to express their greatness, their trials, celebrate their accomplishments and overcomings. I wanted a safe space where women of color would feel pride, dignity and victory.

I believe that God created all people with His own special mixture of love, grace and beauty. I also believe that God created women with a little extra “umph.” We are strong, we are sassy, we are graceful, we are loud, we are funny, we are emotional, we are stoic, we are creative, we are influencers, we are poignant, we are romantic, we are boisterous, we are proud, we are accomplished, we are successful, we are delightful, we are beautiful. We are women, we are everything and we truly, rock!


m. lauren #mymelaninrocks