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Stephanie Lampkin was a full stack web developer before she could legally drive a car. In following years, she graduated from both Stanford and MIT. Her most recent accomplishment is Blendoor, a job matching tool which could possibly change the hiring landscape.

Blendoor describes itself as a “blind recruiting app” which matches job applicants with companies. What separates this app from other job searching tools is that the name and picture of applicants is not included so that applicants garner interest from their merits alone. This can be beneficial for minorities, especially those who don’t meet a certain image or have a name that is ‘too ethnic.’

Tech ideas such as these can help level the playing field for minorities and women, so that their individual accomplishments can set the precedent before anything else. The success of a tech service such as this can inspire other minorities and women to see how much power rests in their hands, and how much (or little) influence outsiders have in sparking the changes we so earnestly yearn for.

The beta launch for the application is March 11th. Check it out at